Thanks so much for being part of our day.  We feel very lucky that we picked you.   You were the perfect person to have there.  Very much like us.  It was great.  You made it so easy for us to just be ourselves and celebrate the day.   Thanks so so much!      Cindy

We simply wanted to let you know that we have just received our wedding photos and words are simply not enough for us to tell you just how much we are in love with them. Our day went by so extremely fast but thanks to your photos, we were able to relive each second!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.         Vanessa & Nicolas

As my mind keeps rolling over our wedding day, our moments with you were definitely amongst the highlights. Thanks for persevering through the weather… Your enthusiasm kept my spirits up. Your sense of humour kept the mood light and easy.  Genuinely you were a wonderful part of our wedding. I adore you and your work.         Nicole

We are sooooo happy with the work you have done!!! You truly are amazing!!! We love your work, we love how you get everyone on track when need be and your genuine personality combined makes you incredible!!!!   Can i just say I love you!!! Ha ha seriously though I could not have chosen anyone better to capture our moments!!         Erin 

WOW!  The pictures were AMAZING!!! I think I just sat there with my jaw on the floor for the time I was looking at them.  One person mentioned that they looked like they belonged to an advertisement lol, they were that good!!!       Ashley

 I wanted to thank you again for taking our pictures! We had a lot of fun and we both felt really good about the whole experience. As I had mentioned to you, both of us were really nervous beforehand as this was our first time having pictures taken together “for real”, but you made us feel really comfortable throughout the whole photo-shoot and we walked away feeling very positive about it.  Thank you.       Liz

The pictures Wendy, are truly amazing, and you are amazing, and I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to do this for us!  Our pictures went out in our Christmas cards, and the comments I received in return were that they were such wonderful amazing photos!  So thank you! And I can’t wait for us to do it again!!!        Chris

The most spectacular photos EVER! All of them. I know I am a little partial, but they really are breathtaking.  You are the bomb!
Love love love. We had them on slideshow on the big screen, and were all gooing and gaaing over them. We were in awe!
Huge thank-you to you!         Carla