Family photos in Muskoka…

This is the second time I’ve gotten together with this sweet family for photos in the Muskoka area.  The first time little Leela was just a baby, and since then Leela has a new little brother Lucas!  We had a beautiful Winter day a few weeks back before all the snow decided to grace us.  We got together at one of my favourite little places in my neck of the woods.  We also did a little smash the cake session at the end and put on some traditional Indian outfits as well which is a important part of daddy’s culture.  The kids are absolutely adorable and I had such a nice time getting together with them for these photos.  Don’t grow up too fast little ones!  Here’s a few of my favourites…  places for photography in Muskokachildren photographychildren playingbrother and sisterbrother and sister photographymom and daughter photographyfamily photos in a parkchildren walking togethermom and son photographylittle boy walkingfamily photos in the Winterlittle girl photographycandid family photographylittle boy in the grassbrother and sister photographyfamily photography outsidecandid family photographyChristmas family photographycandid family photographykids playingdad and son photographylittle girl in Indian outfitkids Indian outfitsIndian brother and sisterlittle boy in indian outfitsmash the cake photographyLittle boy with his cake1 Year old little boylittle boy in the sinkbaby in the kitchen sinklittle boy taking a bath in the sink

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Carolyn Jones - January 25, 2017 - 5:35 pm

Absolutely gorgeous photos, captures so much personality, love and blended heritage! Delightful ????

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